Corporate Silence, the willful withholding of important work related information by employees, could pose the greatest risk to your organization.

Learn How to Reduce Risk in Your Organization

by Creating a Culture of Voice

Breaking Corporate Silence is the first research based book that dives into the causes and consequences of Cultures of Silence.


The book explains, in practical ways, how leaders can easily spot Cultures of Silence signs and provides pragmatic methods to shape and sustain a Culture of Voice. Research shows that although 100% of problems are known to front line workers, only 4% of that information makes its way to the senior management levels.


Cultures of Silence exist when employees willfully withhold important work related information. These high-risk cultures are primarily caused by leadership practices that are negatively interpreted by the employee culture. Cultures of Silence stifle innovation, slow problem solving by restricting the flow of important knowledge. 


Cultures of Voice exist when the employee culture knows for certain that it is safe and rewarding to share important work related information.

Culture of Voice Characteristics:


  • Important work related information flows freely from all levels of the organization

  • Operational, fiduciary and conduct risk are minimized because information flows freely up and down the chain of command

  • Employees are encouraged and safe to transfer important work related information

Culture of Silence Characteristics:


  • Employees are silent when managers ask for input

  • Managers learn of risky practices or significant problems when it’s too late to prevent them. 

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