"The consequences of Corporate Silence are frightening. Leaders must have the ability to recognize it, understand the impact of it and know how to correct it. Breaking Corporate Silence provides practical methods for leaders to assume responsibility to create employees voice. This book is timely and critical for anyone who manages people."

- Mr. Neil Austrian, Former CEO of Office Depot   

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"Breaking Corporate Silence is not another generic book on management strategy. This well-researched, practical guide steps through analysis, strategy, and action to implement an effective personal and organizational approach to revitalizing corporate culture. Breaking Corporate Silence had a galvanizing impact on my managerial communication development."

- Jordan Reber, CEO, US Gold Holdings   


"Breaking Corporate Silence is a "Must Read" for every leader to fully comprehend the influence they have over others. This book makes it possible for organizations to finally eradicate silence and its consequences from their organizational cultures."

- Dr. Michael Marquardt, Professor, George Washington University; President, World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL)   



"SILENCE EQUALS BLINDNESS. Breaking Corporate Silence has been enlightening for me as I work with my management team to improve our communication, engagement and innovation. I cannot imagine a business or leader tolerating a "Culture of Silence." These leaders must be blind! All leaders need to know about the detriments of silence and the attributes of voice."

- Rolando Siman, President, St. Jack's Corporation   


"One of the greatest challenges facing the high performing leader today is to be able to facilitate a culture of inclusion and acceptance where each person is comfortable sharing ideas. When people are silent organizations lose important input. Casper and Bogosian help us to understand how to "break the silence." They provide invaluable strategies to do this."

- Dr. Judith K. Ockene, Professor of Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School   


"This book is a must read and an indispensable guidance tool for corporate leaders that want to get the most from their most important strategic asset, their employees. Applying the six high-influence leadership practices will create a culture of voice, whee each employee has the confidence to contribute to their maximum potential."

- Ken Ferry, President & CEO, iCAD, Inc.   


"This easy to read and easy to understand volume should be on every manager's desk and read frequently. Casper and Bogosian have succeeded in giving some very meaningful advice backed up with great examples of how to get the best out of people in the workplace."

- Janet Weatherbe, Former GM Asia Pacific Vice President of Human Resources   

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